Grief from mind?

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The aiming to persist, will to live do not concern to an orb of the rationalised. Out of this orb the desire to have descendants lies also and to care of it. Manifold forms of love also are irrational. The person in itself or as the quoter of bunch or a type is capable to persist just because it not to the full a rational being.

Our reasonableness is connected to neocortex activity (a new cerebral cortex) which one only at the person has unstranded to such huge sizes. Originally the neocortex has originated as the instrument servicing instincts, indispensable for a type surviving. Homo sapiens – the person reasonable is a unique mammal at whom the neocortex has appeared so powerful that "has outgrown" the role of an accessory instrument. Occasionally it is tampered in those types of activity which one, most likely, overstep the bounds of its competence.

In crops of all people various aspects of sexual life are checked by mind, rationalised. The cultural environment directs to the given bed a sexual passion and a coition by means of sacramentals and spoilage institute. She is always aimed to deliver a child-bearing and a lactation initiation under monitoring of a company. However such dominance over the nature, millenaries constituting a bottom of human civilisations, has suddenly found diverse gauges. We take a step through bar.

Leah threatens mankind excessive rationality?

Today conception of the child becomes a problem of acceptance of the rationalised solution that numerous sociological inquiries demonstrate more and more. Authors of one of them have come to a conclusion: the solution on, a leah to get to it the child, the woman accepts today «in the same way as solves a problem – to take a mortgage loan on the new dwelling or not». The logic Here is used, are weighed all pro’s and con’s. Arguments for benefit of motherhood easily enough find a ridiculous tone, become similar that on a self-suggestion («while I will not give birth to myself to the child, I will not be the rigorous woman»), on reasonings of the teenager («I will love the child – and she will fall in love with me», «I will have a true alive pupa»).

This turning into of the person, more and more rukovodimogo mind, happens in that time when development of electronics and computer production engineering induces a neocortex to work more and more and fan-in harder. Today we resort to the help artificial intelligence, and still more recently assignment of the majority of machines was to attach new force to our arms and legs or to exchange them. We have devised various automobiles less to work as legs, have created arms and easels – mighty changeover to arms. Driving towards the increasing rationalism happens when more and more wide usage of safe engineering of Cesarean section can smash before the existing parting layers restricting change of aircraft attitude of a brain, and to easy drive to the future breeds of a trend to growth of its bulk.

Dominance of mind would not conceal in itself threat if in people simultaneously unstranded capability to love and will to live. While all bears that expects us the further attenuation and capability violation to love … if we will not regain consciousness.

It is necessary to show consideration for the data substantiating evolutionary theory of a human suicide of Katansaro very much[206]. The essence of this theory that on reaching certain I.Q. in the person the aiming to autodestruction (and after all it not that diverse as capability violation to love itself starts to be displayed). Explorers have learnt statistics of suicides in 85 countries: it has appeared that the middle tier of intelligence at the population is proportional to number of suicides[207]. Besides, heightened level of suicidal inclinations is watched at people with outstanding capabilities.

Today it is absolutely necessary, interpreting possible aftereffects of propagation of Cesarean section friend, secure and encouraged with a company, to allow for lessons so-called «scientific knowledge of love»[208].

We are bound to discover as soon as possible answers to problems which one never before to itself did not set:

How the capability unstrands to love?

Leah can «the Person superreasonable» persist without love?


Down with political correctness!

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Only deep and resolute reforms will help to return to conventional obstetrics its pristine role. That obstetrixes in the true sense of this word became much more, radical changes of existing system are demanded.

The maiden important point – a ratio of number of obstetrixes and doctors in each cenosis. Sharp cutting-down of number of accoucheurs-gynecologists should become a necessary condition for resetting to conventional obstetrics. The true doctor-accoucheur should not have a time to lead each genera – it should occur only on a challenge. Today many doctors of this trade disastrously have experience. In the USA, for example, on 40 thousand accoucheurs-gynecologists it is necessary the order of 4 million stems in a year – at the average on hundred on one doctor! This average American doctor in a year accepts one – two pairs of twins, to it time in some years meets a placental presentation event (the placenta lying on a trajectory of the child, does not yield it to quit), and the eclampsia – can be, once for all professional career! Once, when it will clashing, say, with a cross-section standing of a foetus, it should apply the special engineering of Cesarean section, being checked with the textbook as it, most likely, never clashed with a similar event. Many years I accepted about thousand stems a year, and at me the impression that it just that amount which one allows to maintain sufficient experience was added. Unconditionally, cutting-down of an amount of accoucheurs-gynecologists should be tracked by the applicable magnification of number of obstetrixes.

Passage to conventional obstetrics is not brought together to arithmetics. A primary problem, from which one we cannot leave,a problem on how to sample women, capable to become good obstetrixes. Differently – those who is responsible for preparation of obstetrixes at schools and schools, should instal measure of takeoff, leaning against a following simple problem: how to yield a warranty what exactly this woman can «become native mother» to the parturient woman, what its presence at a natuary or a room will not hinder the future mum in labour? The common sense and clinical practice suggest so simple answer: to accept in obstetric school follows only mothers with experience of self-supporting stems without a medical intervention. We will recall – in the majority of conventional cenoses genera were accepted by the woman – mother or the grandma, which one itself has given birth several children. Women at whom many children are, as a rule, those who gave birth easily. The program is simple and is brought together all to one phrase, but its implementation will clashing with quite predicted hindrances.

Customary response becomes the maiden hindrance: «why the true obstetrix should to be mother without fail?» – and almost everyone will recall an example of the remarkable obstetrix who do not have characteristic children. To all of us such obstetrixes are known, however, caring of the future, it is necessary to learn to operate with longtime categories, to think in gauges of a human civilisation. Was relevant to realise that it is a question of a warranty
to which one will not yield any other mode of takeoff. I will make bold to be guaranteed that that day when mothers with experience of self-supporting stems without interferences and drugs will be obstetrixes only, present statistics of Cesarean sections will sink into oblivion.

After several decades of "the industrialized obstetric aid» such radical measure of takeoff will clashing and with one more hindrance. It is necessary to realise that in the majority of countries of the women having experience of self-supporting stems by a vaginal trajectory, any more so is a lot of. In these countries it is necessary to unclose urgently in flock of school of conventional obstetrics to tap as much as possible women, capable to become true obstetrixes. To rupture this vicious circle, it will be necessary to call persistently those the few which one gave birth self-contained, for becoming obstetrixes, let even for some time.

During a foregone preparatory period it is necessary to be referred more closely and to a phenomenon douly. Doul becomes more and more (even in countries where it is a lot of the obstetrixes sampleed and trained how it is got today). It would be necessary to reflect – why? If doula can play a role of mother on which one the young woman can rely to, in a time and after the delivery the phenomenon douly becomes an appearance which one will easy and will accelerate resetting of true, primordial obstetrics. If doula – primely one more person who is present at stems, along with the doctor, the obstetrix and the father of the child it will hinder only. If to pay it is too much attention to instruction doul to practical receptions, losing sight, who it as the person and what its life pattern the phenomenon douly will be only missed capability.

As the design of revival of conventional obstetrics is not inscribed in political correctness frameworks, I will risk to go a bit further and to bring one more attention to the question: a leah is not necessary and at takeoff of doctors on a trade of the accoucheur-gynecologist to make the analogous demand: obligatory experience of motherhood with stems without interferences? If to display prudence and to scorn political correctness the share of Cesarean sections below 10 % will cease to be a utopia.

If to review interrelations between conventional and clinical obstetrics the mankind should revaluate some usual priorities. However revival of conventional obstetrics yet does not cost on the agenda at those who wants to modified the world to the best.

For optimism there are bases … the Situation it is possible to break … if
outside of a narrow circle of specialists there will be an understanding of relevance of how we are born on light. If such understanding does not originate – there are bases for deep pessimism …

Long-term future tasks

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Before us there is the difficult task pressing for the solutions in the long-term future: to review interrelations between the doctor and the obstetrix. To begin with it is necessary to understand, for what the obstetrix in primordial, conventional understanding of this word is necessary. Looking at process of stems from the point of view of physiology, we clearly perceive that the woman in labour needs to feel in security, to be assured that of it do not watch also it do not judge. Therefore the obstetrix should be perceived as a fashion of mother, changeover of mother, after all in an ideal our mother – a prototype of the person with which one it is quiet which one will allow to examine or criticise to nobody us. Then will lighter perceive also limits of the competence of medical institution. Generally speaking, the task of the doctor does not include direct interference in physiological processes. Its role – to be the specialist who is coming to the rescue in case of an unforeseen, pathological situation.

Outputs to which one we come, looking at process of stems from the physiological point of view, are substantiated with comparing of miscellaneous countries. In Brazil and the majority of other countries of Latin America, in China, on Taiwan, in South Korea, India, Turkey, Greece, Italy the amount of Cesarean sections hugely, and in all these countries of doctors of accoucheurs-gynecologists much more, than obstetrixes, for management pregnancy and obstetric aid responds the doctor. Vice-versa, there, where statistics of Cesarean sections more retiring – obstetrixes more than doctors, and for the help to the woman they respond. Holland, Sweden and Norway concern to this bunch of countries. In-between position is occupied with the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Interrelations between the doctor and the obstetrix in the future

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The mankind has risen before an unexpected select. In an initiation of the XXI-st century the considerable proportion of the population of a planet is born differently, than conceived by the nature. The time has come to reflect on how this unexpected change in the history of a child-bearing can be mirrored in the future of our civilisation.

We immediately should attend to that it is as much as possible women self-contained
gave birth to the child and an afterbirth, instead of was subjected to a delivery at a means of physicians. Considering near future tasks, we already mentioned necessity to ensure expectant mother rest, whenever possible having saved it of pavor which one is almost warranted at a work routine of antenatal observation («effect notsebo»). We also spoke about necessity of waiving of some eurysynusic, «conventional ideas».

Tree and foetus

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According to the West European ancient rural wisdom, the child in a belly of mother is look-alike to a foetus on an arbour. Not all foetuses on the same arbour blossom simultaneously. The foetuses collected before ripeness, will be never good enough, but also, they soon rot. The same touches also the child[205]. In other words, for a long time it is known that to some babies it is necessary for more time to "blossom", that is to be prepared for a birth.

Presently to the women expecting of the child, vice-versa, report a firm date of the future birth. All time of pregnancy they punctually visit the specialist-physician under the preset circuit. During an epoch medikalizirovannogo managements pregnancy vynashivanija the child calculate duration with heightened exactitude: in weeks from an initiation of the last menses, instead of in months from conception. Long before stems the woman notify that if genera will not begin to certain date, them will "boost". The maiden consequence of such approach – that in many hospitals more quarters of stems are caused artificially. The second consequence – becomes women who doubt that are capable to start to give birth, without the aid of doctors more and more.

Artificially called genera flow more difficultly, than spontaneous. As a rule, at such stems it is necessary to apply an epidural anaesthesia and intravenous entering of Oxytocinum after which one interferences are frequently multiplied as avalanche: air void-ekstraktsija, forceps, the emergency Cesarean section … Epidemy of artificial excitation of stems – one of factors for which one bill the amount of processes of Cesarean section worldwide grows.

This epidemy has burst because of statistics. If to consider very much a great number of stems becomes obvious that the greatest percent of happy ends is necessary on periods from 38 till 40 weeks. For the stems which have attacked to 41st week and later, statistics is worse. Of these statistical data make a primitive output: «If we are, without philosophising, to excite genera every time when pregnancy lasts more longly certain period (for many hospitals – 41 weeks) we thereby will eliminate a capability of travail of a foetus and even we will avoid lethal outcomes at perenoshennyh children».

Really, a capability of fatal aftereffects at perenashivanii – not a conjecture, but it usually revaluate. It needs to be compared with aftereffects with which one artificial excitation of stems is fraught. A leah reasonablly to boost every fourth genera to salvage one child from thousand? A leah more selective policies are possible? Yes, are possible.

Gradually to displace inclinings overtopping nowadays and approaches, the analogy to a tree and foetuses is absolutely applicable. Not all foetuses blossom in one day. The same concerns to children. It is necessary to prefer the individual, selective approach. My experience convinces me that such approach is not utopian. Its principle is simple. After certain date (for example, from 41st week) the status of the child day after day is traced. While he feels well, it is possible to wait. Since that moment when these daily observations have begun, in account the state of health of the kid is accepted only – whatever was the duration of gestation. In overwhelming majority of events there sets in day when genera begin spontaneously and absolutely healthy kid is born. If the skin at it flakes off, means, it was perenoshen.

To make sure that the foetus is out of hazard, it is possible to combine a row of methods. The expectant mother cannot value approximately every day frequency sheveleny the kid. If jump in comparison with previous day occurs, it is an alarm signal., From its part, it will be easy to physicians to conduct repeated clinical probes and hypersonic scan. While foetal fluids amount in a cavity of the uterus sufficient, it almost a warranty that a foetus out of hazard. We live at the time of when to the majority of future mums during pregnancy needlessly multiply assign US. They maloinformativny as compared the experimental practicing specialist from clinical visual inspection and lecture with the future mum can extract. It is paradoxical, but in approaching stems many doctors just, vice-versa, reluctantly lead repeated US, even when has transited period. And after all just at this time the US could yield the invaluable information having huge practical meaning. The individual approach can be combined perfectly with nowadays a little applied simple and inexpensive routine amnioskopii (visual examination of amniotic waters.–) and in addition to it to use a comment of recentury after so-called date of inferred stems hormonal probes [Reference]concern to which one too gradually drops more actively.

What to undertake, if subitaneously amniotic waters began to descend, and the child, explicitly starts to suffer affliction, and genera and have not begun? In my opinion, the most reasonable is immediately to make Cesarean section. The main task – to avoid necessity of a surgical intervention under urgent indications at the last moment. At the featured approach artificial rodovozbuzhdenie becomes an appearance is exceptional rare, and the number of Cesarean sections for the parent perenashivanija will be nonmeasurable less than if all women rutinno to instigate genera on 41st week.

One of the negative aftereffects of methods overtopping today – that do not yield the woman easy to bunk the last days pregnancy. It is chased by threat of that if genera will not begin spontaneously to the pointed date them will excite artificially. Such emotional status, perhaps, will postpone even more initiation of stems. Some women try to accelerate offensive of stems by not hospital modes, not always realising that any shift, which one will lead to desirable effect (from an acupuncture to a coitus), will cause tribal activity before the baby will give a cue that it "has blossomed". Some methods uniquely are offensive and even are dangerous, as, for example, a castor oil.

Overcoming of the rooted ideas generating such methods, could become the first step to magnification of number of the stems tracked by outpouring of a cocktail from hormones of love.

«A support is necessary to you!»

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Thanks to physiology we have perceived that key needs of the woman in labour – to feel in security and to be far from another’s eyes («privacy»). Sense of danger ensures rising of level of adrenaline, also as feel that watch of it: thus activity of a neocortex does not allow «to depart on other planet». To content these needs, women preferred to give birth often near to the mother or with someone who can appear in its role.

Today, with small variations from country to country, the conventional lexicon imposes submission that presence at stems of other person is key need. That was original one of possible modes of the help, is represented now as an obligatory, indispensable requirement of satisfactory stems. To the future mothers have very firmly suggested what to give birth without assistance by it not on forces. Even miscellaneous tongues comprise hints on it. In French-speaking countries of the woman cannot give birth without the one who "leads" or "tracks" with genera. About "teamwork" told Lamaz which have spread in France practice «stems without a pain». [Reference]
Here its words:« We will work together in one command: you, your tutor and I ». In the Anglo-Saxon lexicon connected to stems, words« a support "," the help "," an emotional support "," the personal assistant »are extremely spread. Everywhere tongue takes away confidence in one’s strength, capacity to act from women. These words are everywhere multiplied in the books devoted to" natural stems ». With them titles of points published in the hospital literature [16,][17,][18,][19,][20,][21,][22,][23,]
dazzle[198]."Support"is means that the woman cannot give birth to the child without a certain energy which one someone should introduce another. This word implies an active role of the helper in labour. [Reference]

To perceive, how lead into error and consequently modern words impair, we should be converted once again to key needs of the parturient woman. The woman in labour needs to feel in security far from outside eyes and without someone’s critical estimates. It is a necessary condition of decrease of activity of a neocortex – «a conceiving brain». Here there can be useful an analogy to "sink into a sleep" – «to enter in genera»[199]. In both events the neocortex should be cut off – key needs same. We will fancy the little girl which one, to fall asleep, mum nearby is necessary. She needs to feel in security, it is necessary, that nobody looked at it and did not criticise. Her mother never will tell: «to fall asleep, a support» is necessary to my girl. Here it will be once again pertinent to resemble that the genuine obstetrix is first of all a figure, similar to mother.

"Support" not simply confuses concept, it also impairs. It shades, shields itself key need of any mammal for rest and a seclusion (privacy). Here it is useful to recall one history, clearly demonstrating as it can be dangerous. The obstetrix practicing house genera, told to the colleagues, what unexpectedly long and difficult there were genera which one to it should be accepted. She could not understand in any way why so it was gained, after all helpers was enough: «It so remarkably was maintained by the husband, and old girlfriend Dzhenni well helped, and doula too …» it seems To me that the woman would give birth much lighter if in the dwelling there was nobody, except the experimental and silent obstetrix.

About "support" began to speak too much after the publication of effects of known probe of John Kennella and Marshall Klausa led in Guatemala in 1970th years. In two major hospitals where 50-60 babies and where standards of management stems have been elaborated by doctors and nurses with an American education every day were born, scientists have analyzed statistical data how presence of domestic women without medical education (so-called "doul" influences flow of stems). Authors have discovered that presence douly significantly reduced any percent of surgical, instrumental and medicamental interferences and positively influenced an outcome health. Expression «the tracking companion who is lending support» (supportive companion) has been delivered in the title of the clause[200]. Scientists have iterated the probe in Houston, the State of Texas, in region, where the population predominantly Spanish-speaking, and a level of living low. Over collective of physicians in compartment on twelve beds English-speaking specialists administered. Doulami there were women with maternal experience which one could speak Spanish. As well as in Guatemala, presence daul at stems had appreciable positive action[201]. Interpreting effects, authors have again used a word "support". My characteristic explanation of these effects is that: in so unusual and alien surrounding doula it was perceived as the defender. Same what could be mother. It became the filter between the parturient woman and staff in white robes.

It is necessary to emphasise, however, that in hospitals where gave birth representatives of the American middle class, the gained effects were not confirmed. We will special mark that in this absolutely diverse environment presence of the father of the child at stems – quite a commonplace[202]. Even cost intensive probe in which one have shared about 70 thousand mothers and their children in thirteen hospitals of the USA and Canada has been conducted[203]. The purpose of this operation was to value «performance of nurses as the specialists who are lending support in labour». These nurses have transited «purpose-built instruction to technicians of rendering of a support in labour». Here an output of explorers: a constant support in labour «has not affected statistics of Cesarean sections, and also other aftereffects of the hospital and psychosocial plot». This scientific operation affirms that «in labour a support is not necessary to women»[204]. They need to feel in security and not to be object of observation.

It is necessary to review as soon as possible terms which one mirror and, threatening with hazard, transmit another deeply rooted misunderstanding of physiology of stems.

«You need to walk!»

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Once I was at home at the woman at whom genera only began. We sat with her husband at desktop at galley, and here there was unexpectedly a future mum. She was converted to me as if appealing for about favour: «I was tired!» My answer was the idle time: «If was tired – go, lie down». It seemed, I have surprised with its such simple advice. As many women in English-speaking countries, she read or heard that genera will be lighter if to walk – after all then a gravity helps! Such simplified understanding is completely not new. In 1833 William De Vis (William De Wees) wrote that «it is necessary to be failed from absurd custom to cause the parturient woman to walk for magnification of flasque birth pangs»[193].

It is one more example of abundant aiming to steer stems, in which one bottom – nedoponimanie physiology of stems and key needs of the parturient woman. That the woman at the time of delivery does not test necessity to rise and walk – a good character. After all its level of adrenaline, most likely, is low, and this necessary condition of light stems. In the maiden stage of the stems flowing promptly and easily, of the woman often accept the relaxed positions: on all fours or lying. To induce the woman at this time to any muscular activity – to achieve effect, inverse wished, yes it and is cruel. However, more often in physiologically favorable conditions when the woman feels that nobody watches of it also anybody it does not administer, during the last insuperable attempts (jerk of an expulsion of the foetus) it subitaneously would like to accept more a verticality[194]. One thus will want to hang on somebody or on something, another unexpectedly will rise and will be tilted forward, opershis about something. Third, before on all fours, it will subitaneously be straightened, kneeling. It is connected to short-term powerful blowout of adrenaline[195].

povere that the woman in labour should walk, eurysynusic as among adherents of "natural stems», and in hospital circles. From here – popularity of the term "out-patient", or a portable epidural anaesthesia («walking epidural» [the Reference]), from here and the publication in the most prestigious hospital issuings of effects of probes in which one authors try to value effects of walking at the time of delivery. Certainly, in one of these probes led with usage of authentic methods (survey of random sample from enough major bunches of women), any effect has not been marked [13,][14,][196]. It is remarkable that in most authoritative of such probes of 22 % of the women at random selected in bunch «stems standing», all the same gave birth lying[197]. Here the significant role is played by the hormonal balance sheet. It spots, in what standing the woman if nobody administers over stems prefers to give birth.

«Forces are necessary to you!»

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Women in labour customary compare to sportsmen who are recommended to immerse in large quantities carbohydrates and protein and also many to drink, when the maximum stress of forces is necessary to them[185]. Authors of points devoted to a delivery at the time of delivery, suppose that we should borrow experience of sports medicine[186]. Having excited with the similar advice, many accoucheurs convince women at whom genera only have begun, to be substantiated, for example, with macaroni. Then, in an active stage, to them yield a sweet drinking: «forces are necessary to you!»

Similar ideas sharply disperse from the modern understanding of physiology of stems. The maiden stage of tribal activity goes successfully – means, in a blood of the parturient woman level of hormones of bunch of adrenaline is low. If level of adrenaline is low and successfully the maiden continuance of stems skeletal muscles (the arbitrary muscles) rest flows, after all low level of adrenaline and relaxing is almost synonyms. When genera flow maximum physiologically, the parturient woman during the maiden stage of stems is aimed to occupy a nonmotile standing. If all skeletal muscles are relaxed also the woman, say, lies edgewise or is on all fours, it outlays not enough energy, and its need for carbohydrates is minimum, after all a glucose – the best energy source for skeletal muscles.

When genera flow easily, it, besides other, says that the neocortex – the part of a brain extremely developed at the person rests. A neocortex – one more member of the body which one key source of energy the glucose ministers. So, when activity of the arbitrary muscles and a neocortex decreases, there are only two organs which one really work: a muscle of a uterus and small, but the most ancient part of a brain. It is a hypothalamus and a pituitary body – formations which one are available for all mammals, including at the person. One of their functions – to select the hormones participating in process of stems.

This part of a brain outlays an energy minute quantity. As to a uterus muscle it concerns to a so-called plain (consensual) musculation. Nonstriated muscles outlay energy in 20-400 times more economically, than poperechnopolosatye, besides they easily can use in the capacity of its radiant fatty acids (and prefer to their glucose). As in a human body a lot of futty reserves, hazard to remain without an energy source to nonstriated muscles practically does not threaten. Was very relevant to perceive that nonstriated muscles, and sometimes and sceletal too, can use in the capacity of an energy source fatty acids. In this sense findings of investigation of Paterson and its colleagues are rather indicative[187]. To explain their meaning, we will resemble that retention in urine of ketone bodies means only that in the capacity of an energy source the organism has used fatty acids.

Paterson has demonstrated that at women whom twelve hours before the planned process of Cesarean section led under a general anaesthesia fasted, level of ketone bodies in urine was above, than at women in the course of stems. Hence, parturient women outlay less energies, than to what process prior to the beginning of tribal activity is necessary.

Comparing of the parturient woman with marafontsem not only confuses, but can be even dangerous. That Saccharum application at the time of delivery yields by-effects, is demonstrated in many probes[188]. Accoucheurs should know that Saccharum in the pure state usually reduce a painful threshold and level of maximum transferable pain[189]. Moreover, there is convergence that when to mothers at the time of delivery intravenously inducted a glucose, intensity of an icterus of newborns was more[190].

Comparing of the parturient woman with marafontsem is fraught also with other errors. For example, quite often revaluate its need for a fluid. Often write that at the time of delivery it is necessary to complete huge leakage of water to avoid dehydration and its aftereffects. Actually fluid losses at the time of delivery are not so significant thanks to a hypersecretion a pituitary body of antidiuretic hormone of a vasopressin (detaining water), and also because of relaxing of the arbitrary muscles. When genera begin, the maternal organism has more than a water adequate supply – it is necessary to be afraid more likely an aqueous intoxication and the under content of sodium in a blood [7,][191]. To the woman also hauls disadvantage the complete urinary bladder – additional payment that genera began to compare to marathon race.

These idealised reasons need to be compared with practice. We will look, as women in labour behave. Within several decades in hospital and in house requirements I had a capability to watch of behaviour of thousand women which one did not coax and did not discourage to drink or eat at the time of delivery. There are also exclusions, but it is possible to deduce some the elementary regularities. Maiden:
genera rarely begin, if the expectant mother is hungry. It and is clear: for hunger in a blood level of hormones of bunch of adrenaline is usually increased. The second regularity: when genera have enlisted an active stage, the woman, as a rule, not to meal. If it would like to eat, I have severe doubts that she really gives birth. Genera are difficult for troubleshooting. When at the woman of pain each 5 minutes and to it say that pin disclosure – 1-2 sm, at it originates reliance that she gives birth. Such preliminary treatment frequently leads to fixing stems, the probability of a surgical intervention is thus increased also, the narcosis is required. If the woman really would like to eat, means, it is necessary to feed her, that adrenaline level has dropped, and genera really could begin. Often future mothers depart to hospital in forerunners, but genera in any way do not begin, as with it do not permit to satisfy hunger. The third regularity: as shows my experiment, women who really feel raskovanno and to which one nobody suggested that «forces» are necessary to them, prefer to drink only a few waters, but in any way a sweet drinking. More often they have a keen desire to take a water sip endways before insuperable last attempts which one are caused by so-called jerk of an expulsion of the foetus (is the sign of sharp blowout of adrenaline).

It is necessary to resemble that in many hospitals a long time the strict prohibition worked to accept nutriment and a drinking at the time of delivery. The prohibition purpose was to prevent heavy complications against a general anaesthesia when at the complete maw the inverse overpressure of firm nutriment can superimpose a clearance of respiratory tracts, and an overpressure of an acid kept in repair maw in lungs (aspiration) – to cause a heavy pneumonia. Now, when Cesarean section is more often made under epidural, or a spinal anaesthesia, beneficent action of more liberal regulations overbalances hazard of complications. As consequence, the number of processes contracts. It is remarkable that the unique event of an aspiration registered for ten years in hospital of Northern central Bronx (State of New York) has had just on those half a year when it was prohibited to yield meal and a drinking at the time of delivery[192]. Also that fact is worthy that in Holland, where 30 % of stems happen domiciliary (and the woman has an open entry to a refrigeration cabinet), level of a maternal death rate – less than 10 on 100 000 stems, and an amount of Cesarean sections – about 10 %.

Even if concern to physiology of stems in the near future will be revived, we will need to recognise nevertheless that alimentary on trebnosti the parturient woman are too difficult, that the specialist helping in labour could check them. Generally speaking, it is impossible to steer stems. Women should rely on the feels, instead of that they have read in books or from someone have heard. To advise to the parturient woman to eat macaroni or to add honey in tea as unreasonably, how to induct prohibitions. The unique reference which one we can yield – shun to make references!

About conventional ideas

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In consciousness of people the ideas reflective deep misunderstanding of key needs of the woman in labour and consequently urgently needing revising have firmly rooted. One happen from an environment of adherents of "natural stems», others – from hospital circles. All of them contribute in that women, capable to give birth to the child, exhaling love hormones, became ever less. In miscellaneous countries these ideas have the singularities. They frequently affirm there where the bunches of influencing defending principles of natural stems, for example, in the United States are strong and well organised more strongly. Property of the American crop – to export itself and to be spread worldwide. Therefore still before this influencing has become stronger in other countries, to us was relevant to analyze examples of the similar conventional ideas reigning minds American «isteblishmenta natural stems» and-or the American hospital circles.

The future

Автор: admin 26.11.2012

Today we receive more and more the data demonstrating that standard hospital management pregnancy – malopoleznaja expenditure of a large quantity of a time and money. Therefore all of us have more than parents to mass that it is possible to make still to for chatija. Today already there are no doubts that a preventive measures against such abnormalities as nezarashchenie the spinal port (spina bifida), are effective if them to undertake even before conception – about meaning of folic acid naslyshany almost all. As to a delivery we already mentioned above the probes concerning the use of a fish. It is possible to compare the effects gained in Denmark, to our characteristic. The bunch of the Danish explorers has demonstrated that the probability of premature birth or a birth malovesnogo the child much above at women who never eat a fish, in comparison with what eat it regularly, that is is not more rare than an once in a week[179]. Our data, at first sight, will not quite be agreed outputs which one were gained by Danes. Having motivated bunch of pregnant women to use in nutriment a saltwater fish, we could not tap significant action of such diet in perinatalnyj a continuance on weight of a foetus and its duration vynashivanija (short of statistically significant medium-sized magnification of a circumference of a head of newborns)[180]. It is necessary to emphasise, however, that the Danish scientists learnt gastronomic habits which one were largely formed well in advance pregnancy. Was interquartile to gain appreciable effect, advice on eutrophy should be yielded not during consultings in perinatalnyj a continuance, and before pregnancy [30,][181].

The increasing amount of the data gained in the most miscellaneous fields of medicine, points, before what principal threat there are future, yet not conceived breeds of children. This prenatal pollution by synthetic liposoluble matters, years accumulating in a human body fatty tissue. A priority of any programs of preparation for conception – such as "accordion-method" tendered by us – there should be a deduction from an organism of future mother of synthetic pollutants before pregnancy[182]. Such programs should be spread and to the future fathers, after all as it is clarified recently, hazard of originating of some illnesses and malformations increases, if the man was exposed certain pollutants (agree nowadays elaborated concept «toxic action the evolution, transmitted through staminate cells» [the Reference]).

From the aforesaid it is not necessary to draw a conclusion that hospital consultings during pregnancy are not so necessary. It is difficult even to enumerate all parents on which one advice or the help of the skilled technician can be necessary for the future mother. That it is necessary to eliminate from use so it is words "systematic", "standard". Easily to explain, why usual nowadays practice is a dead time and money, it is easy to demonstrate also what it in herself conceals injury. Dangerously falsely to interpret effect of the standard assaying and to report to quite healthy expectant mother that at it an anaemia and to it iron preparations are necessary. It is dangerous to bell, if at the single-valued measuring blood pressure rising was discovered. The dangerous error – to report the pregnant woman that at it «gestatsionnyj diabetes».

The epoch of gradual waiving of standard hospital management pregnancy should become at the same time an epoch of a new appropriation of understanding of key needs of the expectant mother. We cannot consider physiological changes which one happen during pregnancy, in a lift-off from physiology of stems: process of a birth of the child is physiologically prepared long before stems. It is necessary to show consideration for the fact installed by explorers very much: during pregnancy the blood stream in the large groundwater arteries directed to a brain significantly contracts[183]. Perhaps, it that activity of a neocortex and genera has dropped became possible?

The expectant mother has one more need – to communicate, share the impressions and experience. A perfect halter group occupations by floating, yoga, special gymnastics … minister I should recall an aerosphere of happiness which one reigned on occupations on singing for the future mums in hospital of the French city of Pitive. Perhaps, this choral singing has affected development of kids in bowels and on the future stems much more beneficently, than ten the most perfect and expensive ultrasonic investigations[184].